No stark white walls. No out-of-touch administrators. No weird hospital smell.

Whatever your notion of recovery, this isn’t it. Calusa is about helping guys in recovery live a life they love.

It started with our experiences working at some of the country’s most exclusive rehab facilities. While we saw an amazing amount of good, there were things we knew we could improve. It was obvious people needed an outlet and something to look forward to each day. After all, who wants to be stuck at some lifeless home watching the paint dry?

So we set out to create a treatment center that would help young men rediscover how awesome life can be. It would provide all the structure and support recovering addicts need, but would also introduce them to the vibrant, fun, fulfilling lifestyle they’d been missing.

Fort Myers was the perfect spot. The area has all the entertainment options and outdoor adventure activities you could ask for, and was in desperate need of a more progressive style of treatment for young men. We found a beautiful, modern house in a prime location, gave it a special Calusa makeover and the rest is history.

-The Founders of Calusa Recovery