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Struggling with alcoholism daily can lead to a hellish experience. Calusa Recovery offers comprehensive alcohol rehab in Fort Myers via outpatient treatment and sober living services. Our goal is to help you quit addiction and embrace a healthier lifestyle moving forward. But what should you keep in mind when choosing your ideal drug rehab center?

1. Patient-oriented rehab

If you’re looking for a reliable drug addiction treatment for men in Florida, make sure you’ll get patient-oriented services. Not all patients have the same reaction to similar treatments, which means personalized approaches are imperative for successful recovery. We address each patient as a unique person with a unique medical history and unique needs, dreams, and hopes. Our treatment reflects our philosophy as our team of clinicians, and counselors will develop a personal relationship with you during rehab.

2. In-depth treatment

You should never trust one-size-fits-all treatment protocols that rely on medication to defeat addiction. It takes more than that for successful and reliable recovery. Our top rehab centers in Fort Myers, FL, rely on an in-depth approach to rehab, addressing the causes of addiction rather than the symptoms. During the recovery process, you will undergo therapy, individual and group counseling sessions, family therapy, medication management, etc. These procedures will help solve the underlying issues fueling the addictive behavior and promote sustainable sobriety over the years.

3. Recreational activities

It might not seem an important point, but it is. Recreational activities promote a healthy state of mind, confidence, positivity, and optimism, along with a sense of belonging and community. During our Fort Myers drug and alcohol rehab, you will participate in paintball, boating, kiteboarding, sailing, fishing, kayaking, sporting events, etc. These will help with the natural release of endorphins and contribute to a healthier mind, body, and spirit.

4. Acquiring life skills

Many victims of alcoholism struggle to find their place in the world post-treatment. Our counselors will teach invaluable life skills and coping strategies to help you stay sober over the years and embrace a new and improved lifestyle long-term. With our help, you will learn how to avoid relapse, rebuild your career, pursue new life goals, and bring your loved ones together. Our sober living homes are the ideal environment for learning and adapting an independent and fulfilling lifestyle, far from the pitfalls of alcohol abuse.

5. Dealing with mental problems

Every long-term alcohol addict deals with at least one alcohol use disorder at some point in their lives. Our treatment for addiction in FL offers dual diagnosis treatment to cope with co-occurring disorders and promote a healthy and more balanced state of mind. The dual diagnosis treatment will allow you to cope with depression, anxiety disorder, traumas or PTSD, and embrace a clean, alcohol-free lifestyle for years to come.

If you need immediate alcohol rehab in Fort Myers, call Calusa Recovery today! You can verify your insurance options online, check with our counselors for treatment options, and discuss your problems over the phone. If you want a counselor to guide you through these difficult times, don’t hesitate to call!

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alcohol rehab in Fort Myers

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