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alcohol treatment Des Moines

We, at St. Gregory Recovery Center, offer highly effective and rewarding alcohol treatment in Des Moines with a team of compassionate experts. We are one of the few rehabs in Des Moines to heal addiction using family-based programs and faith-based approaches.

Who Needs to Consider Our Alcohol Rehab?

If you are looking to control or reduce the amount of alcohol intake but are unable to do so or, you must consider alcohol rehab to prevent adverse health implications. Besides, if you find yourself consuming alcohol despite dangerous circumstances or worsening situations, it warns the need for professional help.

Also, individuals struggling with a dual diagnosis or co-occurring mental health problems must consider our addiction treatment for a safe recovery from addiction. We conduct a comprehensive physical and mental health examination on all our new patients and come up with a customized treatment plan to help them attain comprehensive recovery.

Top Reasons to Consider Our Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

We are a preeminent rehab facility for alcohol treatment, offering highly effective inpatient treatment in a high-end facility. Our inpatient alcohol treatment relies on a variety of programs to achieve the best results, including:

  • Faith-based treatment –We follow a faith-based approach, relying on connecting our patients with a higher power, which empowers them with all the essential tools to overcome drug abuse.
  • Evidence-based treatments – While the spiritual element is a major part of our treatment process, we also use some critical behavioral therapies and psychotherapies to identify and address the root cause of addiction. This way, we manage the withdrawal symptoms and cravings and prepare you for a fulfilling, healthy, and alcohol-free life.
  • Sustainable treatment outcomes – Our evidence-based therapies solidify our patients’ commitment to sobriety and prevent relapse.

As a pioneer alcohol treatment facility, we follow a customized treatment approach to address the unique addiction condition and recovery goals of each patient. The work of our dedicated staff plays an integral role in the successful recovery of our patients.

Tips to Prevent Alcohol Relapse

Relapse is a common problem in recovering addicts in the first year after completing the rehab program. Here are some tips that can help you remain committed to sobriety:

  • Continue to attend ongoing care programs available at your rehab center regularly. These sessions help strengthen your commitment to sobriety and equip you with essential coping mechanisms to combat triggers and cravings.
  • Attend support group sessions like alcoholics anonymous and other 12-step groups to maintain sobriety in the long term with peer support. These support groups can offer you with a non-judgemental platform where you can share your challenges and accomplishments in the recovery journey with individuals battling fighting similar issues.
  • Develop a healthy routine to avoid distractions, feelings of hopelessness, and boredom. Engage in a hobby of your choice and keep your mind occupied throughout the day.

Speak to one of us at St. Gregory Recovery Center at 888-778-5833, as we would love to hear your story! Our alcohol treatment in Des Moines can set you up for a liberating journey towards sobriety and help you lead an alcohol-free life for years to come.

alcohol treatment Des Moines

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