alcohol treatment in Fort Myers

Calusa Recovery is a leading facility for alcohol treatment in Fort Myers with the best outpatient treatment, sober living options, and family therapies. We help individuals overcome addiction in a serene, friendly, and supportive environment with world-class amenities.

How to prevent relapse after addiction treatment?

Once you attain sobriety, the next big challenge is to preserve it in the long term. One of the proper ways to maintain sobriety is to attend continuing care programs or opt for sober living programs after Fort Myers drug and alcohol rehab. These programs strengthen your commitment to sobriety and prevent the chance of relapse significantly.

Besides, make sure to get rid of things, people, and situations reminding you of traumatic memories or your old addiction days. Have a nutritive diet and engage in regular physical exercise to keep your mind, body, and spirit in good health. Lastly, stay close to family members and loved ones to prevent feelings of boredom, loneliness, or hopelessness.

Tips to overcome alcohol addiction

Overcoming addiction to alcohol starts with joining one of the top rehab centers in Fort Myers. There are no short-cuts to recovery, and failing to undergo treatment for alcohol use disorder in a licensed facility can trigger relapse and lead to bigger health problems. Here's how you can overcome addiction effectively:

  • Speak to an addiction specialist at some of the top rehabs near you to learn about their treatments, therapies, the insurances they accept, etc., and join a treatment program as soon as possible.
  • If you cannot commit to residential rehab treatment, make sure to enroll in an outpatient or intensive outpatient rehab program, where you will undergo behavioral therapies, individual and group therapies, and counseling sessions.
  • After completing your treatment for addiction in FL, look for sober living options, or sign in a continuing care program. These programs solidify your commitment to sobriety and equip you with all the critical skills to lead a healthy, successful, and alcohol-free life.

After rehab, you should build a healthy routine and engage in a hobby of your choice to vent your feelings and emotions. Engage in regular physical exercise to manage cravings and triggers.

Top reasons to choose our rehab facility 

We are one of the top rehabs to offer drug addiction treatment for men in Florida. Here's why you should choose our gender-specific treatment facility:

  • Our facilities – Set in a breathtaking location, our facility offers the highest comfort level and the best meals to all our residents, playing an integral role in their healing and recovery process.
  • Our staff – We have an accredited and highly experienced team of clinical and non-clinical staff working around-the-clock to help our patients attain comprehensive recovery.
  • Our treatments and therapies – We focus on using experiential therapy to support addiction victims to embrace sobriety. We offer kayaking, paddle boarding, paintball, sailing, fishing, beach days, kiteboarding, boating, and conduct other sporting events to help patients cope and reprocess their traumatic memories and repressed emotions.

Contact Calusa Recovery today at 844-254-9664 to speak to an addiction specialist. We are a highly sought-after rehab for alcohol treatment in Fort Myers with a compassionate staff team, advanced treatments and therapies, and comfortable accommodations. 

alcohol treatment in Fort Myers

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alcohol treatment in Fort Myers

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