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Hickory Wind Ranch is a superior Austin sober house with modern amenities and exceptional recovery support programs. Our sober living does not just provide guests with a temporary place to stay but helps them optimize and reintegrate into the outside world seamlessly. Here are the top five things to consider when choosing an Austin sober house for recovery:

1. Recovery support programs

Find a sober house that conducts, organizes, and engages residents in various recovery support programs. These programs play a core role in strengthening your commitment to sobriety in the long term and help you re-establishing a happy and successful life in the outside world.

2. Cost

Cost shouldn’t be the #1 determining factor for finding the right place for your recovery. However, determine your budget and how much you can afford a sober living house before exploring your options. 

3. Accommodation, safety, and structure

While searching for Texas sober homes, make sure to look for a place that offers the most spacious, hygienic, and comfortable accommodations available. Check the level of safety and security measures employed at a sober living house to protect and safeguard the housemates from potential triggers, stressful situations, and cravings. Lastly, check the house rules, as too many can make you feel obstructed, while too much freedom can put you at risk of relapse. You want to find a place that can offer the right amount of structure and control to help you achieve your recovery goals.

4. Experienced staff

Make sure to join a sober living house with the most experienced, trained, and compassionate team of professionals for supervising and assisting guests. It can be wearisome to build rapport with a house supervisor with a laid back attitude or who does not care enough about the residents or their recovery progress. These are people that you are going to meet and work with daily. Hence make sure to join a program for transitional living in Austin, TX, guided by empathetic and caring professionals.

5. Location and amenities

If you have work, personal, or school commitments that you need to fulfill, look for sober living near your workplace or school/college, or loved ones. It is important to stay in a sober living in Austin, TX, close to your usual places of commute to save time and money in transportation. 

Amenities are another critical factor to go by when looking for reliable Texas sober living communities. While you may spend a large share of your time looking for employment, attending ongoing care programs, and socializing with fellow housemates, you will also have to find plenty of spare time at a sober living house. At our Austin TX sober living, we conduct weekly breath-work sessions, engage guests in CrossFit sessions, organize trail hikes, etc., keep them occupied, and make their stay comfortable and secure.

Get in touch with one of us, at Hickory Wind Ranch, at 512 598 5165. As a preeminent Austin sober house, we offer fully-furnished and gender-specific accommodations with maid service and private gyms at just $995 a month. Call us today to get started on a life-transforming journey.

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