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How Long Can a Patient Stay in Rehab

How Long Can a Patient Stay in Rehab

You'll find answers to all of your questions about addiction recovery when you visit Alcohol Services' blog online. Our free resources include blog articles, signs & symptoms of addiction, and helpful links to state-specific rehabs. Browse our informative blog to find professional advice to challenging issues, such as:

  • How long can a patient stay in rehab?
  • Which is best: outpatient or inpatient treatment?
  • How much does rehab cost?
  • Can health insurance pay for addiction treatment?
  • How long do you stay in residential treatment?
  • What is considered long-term treatment?
  • And much, much more

Q: Is 30-day addiction treatment enough for every patient?

A: One month in recovery is not enough, according to many recovery experts; in fact, most patients find that the longer they stay in treatment, the more likely they are to fully recover from addiction. If you're worried about a relapse, use our resources to find a 90-day rehab in your community offering aftercare and sober living options.

Q: How long does sobriety last?

A: The results you experience after treatment will depend on two things:

  1. Your commitment to recovery
  2. The length of time spent in a rehab

If you're tired of the addiction cycle, you can break free from drug use or alcoholism forever by partnering with Alcohol Services to find a good rehab.

Q: Can my doctor send me to rehab?

A: Laws vary from state to state; typically, a doctor cannot force a patient to take part in a recovery plan without affidavits from family. In severe cases of addiction, a doctor may step in and petition the court to advise treatment for the patient.

Q: How long is the average stay at a drug rehab center?

A: Unfortunately, the average rehab stay is only about 30 days; far too short a time to work through mental health issues and underlying causes that lead to addiction and prevent recovery. At Alcohol Services, we recommend patients stay at least 3 months in treatment, then stay connected to support for as long as it takes to overcome addiction.

Q: How long can a patient stay in rehab without money to pay for their care?

A: Most recovery centers accept PPO insurance as payment for treatment- some offer scholarships to patients who have no way to pay for recovery services. Check our blog articles and resources when looking for information about scholarship programs that may help pay in-full or in-part for your rehab.

Q: Is outpatient care structured enough to ensure lasting results in rehab?

A: Residential care offers patients the most structured programs available, so they're usually recommended to patients who are able to commit to an overnight stay in treatment. Patients with responsibilities in their home can find quality outpatient programs, as well; however, they may require a greater commitment on the part of the patient to stay engaged and take part in counseling and group sessions.

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