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Deciding to change your life for the better and get started on a rehabilitation program to overcome alcohol or drug addiction is not easy. If you’ve gathered the inner strength to begin the recovery process for substance abuse, you should feel proud and focus on the future.

The next decision you make could be the most important one of your life: Which rehab facility should you go to? Choosing the treatment option that most closely suits your needs could be the difference between success and failure. There are many aspects to consider when choosing a drug treatment program; here are some of the most important.

Consider the Location Carefully

Choosing the location is an essential aspect of your decision. First, you’ll want to think about if you wish to stay close to home or go further afield. Staying close to home keeps you near to your support network, and feeling secure about your surroundings while leaving your locale takes you out of the way of triggers and temptation.

However, other aspects about the specific type of facility you’re looking for could override location as deciding factors, such as whether you’re looking for a luxury or gendered facility. You may decide you’d like to be near the beach or somewhere with a warm and sunny climate. Whatever you decide, ensure that you select a facility where you’ll feel comfortable.

Do They Offer Family Support?

Addiction isn’t something that stays contained and controlled. What may start as something you can keep under the radar spills out into your work, social and family life. It’s often the people closest to you who end up feeling the strain the most. Your loved ones are vital in the recovery process, and rebuilding these relationships is integral. Family support gives them an outlet as well as education about the best ways to help you get better.

Seek Longer-Term Treatment

Many rehabs offer what appear to be quick-fix care plans that last for a few weeks. Substance use disorders are chronic diseases that alter the way your brain processes information. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes. It takes a little time to discover which modes of therapy work best for you as an individual and apply them so that you can incorporate what you learn into your everyday life. In many cases, starting with a more intensive plan and phasing down over time offers a higher success rate.

Look for Programs That Treat the Whole Person

Some rehab programs may only offer detox or one type of therapy. For the best results, select an outpatient treatment facility that provides a range of therapies that treat your physical and mental health. Experiential therapy, for example, helps you to rediscover fun, sociable activities that you can fill your new-found free time with. Addiction prevents most people from engaging in meaningful, enjoyable pastimes, and getting back into them is one of the best ways of avoiding relapse in the future.

Choosing a Drug Treatment Program 100% Relevant to You

Some rehab centers allow a large number of people with different needs to enroll in their courses. This means that treatment will be somewhat generalized to try to cover all bases. For instance, in many aspects, men and women experience addiction in distinct ways.

Gender-targeted treatment centers enable the staff to focus on the needs that are unique to helping men or women overcome substance use disorders and work towards becoming the best version of themselves. Also, people usually feel more comfortable about being open in front of members of their own sex during group therapy.

Calusa Recovery has helped many men regain control over their lives and begin the journey to long-term recovery with effective drug rehab. If you’re ready to reclaim your future, call Calusa Recovery at 844-254-9664.