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Whether you need drug or alcohol rehabilitation services, Calusa Recovery is here to provide expert medical assistance and guidance. Our drug rehab in Fort Myers is suitable for dealing with all forms of addiction from mild to severe and extreme. If you’re a victim of aggravated addiction, joining our rehab program can change your life.

What rehab services do you offer?

We provide rehabilitation services for alcohol, opioids, and heroin addiction. These substances often inflict severe physical and psychological addiction with drastic long-term consequences. We cover major addictions to offer people reliable solutions to life-altering conditions. If you wish to learn additional info about our drug addiction treatment for men in Florida, call our counselors today!

Do you provide sober living services?

Yes, our top rehab centers in Fort Myers, FL, offer sober living services to all patients who have completed a form of outpatient rehab. Sober living homes are ideal as a transitionary treatment between outpatient programs and a normal life post-rehab. At our center, you will receive continuous guidance and support to reintegrate into society and adopt a healthier lifestyle after completing the treatment.

What happens during group therapies?

Group therapies revolve around discussing your problems with other people fighting the same battles. You will hear their stories, and they will listen to yours in an environment promoting community, friendship, understanding, and empathy. Peer support is critical when fighting aggravated addiction, which means your recovery experience will positively impact others as well.

How long is the rehab treatment?

The minimum rehab period is three months, and the maximum is six. During the treatment, you will engage in a variety of recovery procedures and recreational activities for mental and spiritual healing. If necessary, our professionals will also provide counseling and lifestyle guidance to help you embrace a wholesome path in life post-recovery.

What happens in family therapy?

Family therapy sessions promote unity, communication, and bonding during our Fort Myers drug and alcohol rehab. The family’s involvement in the recovery process is paramount for successful rehab and sustainable sobriety over the years. Your loved ones will participate in therapy sessions, providing moral and spiritual support, and learning about healthy living and relapse prevention with you.

Do you accept rehab insurance?

Yes, we work with all high-profile insurance companies, covering a wide range of services. To know where you stand, you can fill out the online insurance form today! You can also call us directly and speak to a rehab expert about treatment options, prices, or anything else that might interest you.

At our facility, we address every major alcohol use disorder and drug-related problems with outstanding long-term benefits. If you need treatment for addiction in FL, you need to contact our professionals asap.

At Calusa Recovery, we promote positivity, healing, and confidence as milestones in the recovery process. Contact our rehab team, verify your insurance and rehab options, and come to our center for drug rehab in Fort Myers! Let’s help you quit addiction and start all over again!

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drug rehab in Fort Myers

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