If you’re struggling with drug addiction or substance abuse, the best path forward is one that includes a recovery program to provide the support you need. It’s not just about getting clean – it’s about learning positive habits to help you stay that way for the rest of your life.

Putting treatment off for even one day means spending more time stuck in dangerous and destructive patterns. On the other hand, taking action and committing to your recovery process today lets you start building a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. Call 844-331-0471 or visit our drug rehab center admissions page to get started at our Fort Myers men’s addiction treatment center.

Don’t Let Addiction Take Over

Addiction can be overwhelming and isolating. It can affect your relationships, your career, and your ability to reach your personal and professional goals. When you’re caught in a cycle of addiction, in other words, you’re not in control of your own life.

Some of the most devastating substance use disorders we commonly treat at our drug rehab facility are abuse of heroin and other opioid drugs. What can start out as a necessary way to control pain can rapidly turn into an addiction that controls you.

Trying to climb your way out on your own is not only difficult but almost always leads to relapse. Without treatment in the form of therapy and/or medication for detoxification and withdrawal symptoms, your chances of beginning recovery and continuing to lead a normal life can be pretty slim.

Fortunately, Calusa Recovery provides a community to help support you through the most trying moments in your treatment process. With support from mental health services and medical professionals, as well as other recovering addicts at our treatment facility, you’ll have a chance to gain the skills and mindset needed to achieve ongoing sobriety.

See the Difference Calusa Recovery Can Make

At Calusa Recovery, we take a different approach to drug addiction treatment. Our residential and outpatient treatment programs seek to help you overcome challenges, build character, improve behavioral health, and embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

We believe in the importance of community, and creating meaningful relationships in order to foster long-term sobriety. Plus, you’ll have the chance to work one-on-one with clinicians who will design a custom drug treatment plan to meet you where you’re at.

Our outpatient program services also include family therapy sessions and extended care, so you, family members and loved ones can get the help you need to rebuild and commit to a drug-free lifestyle. It all starts with our experiential therapy treatment program and sober living residences.

Build a New Life through Experiential Therapy

Adventure Therapy Programs

Experiential therapy – also sometimes called adventure therapy – gives our patients the chance to try new and exciting activities while learning more about their peers. Our program promotes physical and mental health through a variety of outdoor hobbies meant to help you form better habits and deepen your friendships with others.

Recovery is all about learning how to live life without falling back into old, harmful habits. Showing you how to enjoy the natural surroundings of beautiful Fort Myers, Florida is one way we enable you to tackle that challenge. Kayaking, boating, and fishing among Florida’s unique plant and wildlife can help you recenter your life:

We also take advantage of our proximity to the beach. Days spent in the sand and professional instruction in water sports such as paddleboarding, kiteboarding, and sailing will teach you new skills to keep both your body and mind alert and energetic.

Paintballing provides another outlet for our patients, where they can let loose and enjoy themselves with their peers. We also enjoy a variety of sporting events, from watching the Red Sox or the Twins kick off their spring training to attending Dolphins games.

Calusa Recovery was founded on the idea that a recovery center can be enjoyable. Our experiential therapy programs teach you how to find fulfillment outside of addiction, and prepare you for a life in recovery.

Find Additional Support in Our Sober Living Residences

Clean and Sober Living in Fort Meyers

We recognize that everyone’s recovery journey is different. We’re committed to helping you find a treatment method that works for you, including by offering men’s sober living programs. This will provide you with a clean, safe place to focus on your recovery process and aftercare.

Residential treatment options allow for a greater level of structure and accountability, to help patients steer their lives back in the right direction. You’ll have the opportunity to learn everyday sober living skills in a home-like environment, which minimizes temptation and maximizes support and community:

We have two sober living residences in Fort Myers. Both are close to the beach, and within walking distance to grocery stores for easy access to healthy eating and cooking options.

Single and shared rooms are available, with shared kitchens and outdoor living areas for grilling out, hosting meetings, and socializing with your peers.

What’s more, our sober living residences are Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) accredited. Our facilities are considered ‘Level I Residences’, which are democratically run by the residents who live in them and maintained through shared living expenses.

This arrangement grants the men in our programs the highest level of autonomy possible, while still providing the benefits of communal, sober living. Six months is a typical length of stay, although we are committed to giving you the time you need to heal and develop the skills you need to live free from addiction.

Join Us On the Path to Recovery

When you’re struggling with drug use or drug addiction, it’s easy to feel alone and misunderstood. You may even think you’re stuck, and can’t get out of the destructive patterns that have taken over your life.

At Calusa Recovery, we offer substance abuse treatment and an opportunity to join other young men on the path to sober living. We’ll give you the tools to take back control and seek a healthy, active lifestyle that’s free from drug abuse. All the while, you’ll build valuable relationships with people who can relate to your story.

Now’s the time to make the choice to commit to a life in addiction recovery. Reach out through our contact form to find out more about our openings, and learn whether Calusa Recovery is the best fit for you!