What should I bring?2019-09-18T15:15:54-04:00

Clothes for everyday living. Comfortable. Be prepared for water activities and going to the gym.

What should I NOT bring?2020-07-25T06:35:44-04:00

Anything alcohol based, weapons, vehicle is determined on an individual basis

Are all the excursions included in my cost of treatment?2019-09-18T15:16:29-04:00

Yes they are

How long is treatment?2019-09-18T15:16:46-04:00

Minimum 3 months and up to 6 with a customized phase system

Can I continue taking prescribed medications while in treatment?2019-09-18T15:17:02-04:00

Yes, we have physicians who will oversee the management of medications

Where are your sober living homes located?2019-09-20T09:02:47-04:00

Our two sober living residences are located in Fort Myers, Florida just a short ride to the beach and walking distance to groceries.

What to expect during group therapy?2019-12-05T14:59:31-05:00

Being with a group of people who have gone through similar experiences and challenges. Being able to utilize a safe setting to normalize issues and work through them together.

Why do I need individual therapy?2019-12-05T14:59:44-05:00

It provides a confidential setting with a licensed professional who you will develop a trusting relationship with. During this time you build a treatment plan that can target certain roadblocks that have been part of the past. This gives an outline on what needs to be worked on to overcome struggles.

Why extended care?2019-12-05T15:00:00-05:00

Most people drink or use drugs for years. If you look at weighing out the scales of how long my addiction was active versus how long should I be in treatment. They normally weigh down the active addiction side. Extended treatment is the ideal platform for somebody who really wants to be healthy, positive and active with their life again. It provides access to a therapist, group settings, remain accountable and live in a safe environment. Until you feel ready to become whole and independent either again or for the first time.

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