intensive outpatient rehab in Fort Myers

The best treatment for addiction can be found in an intensive outpatient rehab in Fort Myers; Calusa Recovery’s IOP program can keep you on track while you continue to recover from addiction. Our step-down program is less structured than a residential program yet offers a long list of programs and support options. Find out how a Fort Myers intensive outpatient rehab can provide you all of the resources you need to transition from treatment to life at home; call Calusa Recovery at 844-254-9664 to learn more.

5 Benefits of IOP at Calusa Recovery

1. Choosing an outpatient program means you won’t have to interrupt your life at home to attend 12-step meetings or take part in IOP activities. As one of the most flexible Fort Myers intensive outpatient program treatment centers, we can work around your busy schedule to make it easier for you to get involved in our programs. If you go to school, work, or take care of family members at home, we can customize your treatment plan around your timeframe.

2. If you’re unable to commit to a long-term program, you’ll find IOP at Calusa Recovery an excellent choice for your path to wellness. While some patients do well in an extended treatment program, others thrive in an environment that gives them more freedom. Our program fills the gap left by inpatient rehabs that only offer residential care.

3. You’ll have access to multiple treatment options through our Fort Myers Beach intensive outpatient program treatment. Our outpatient services range anywhere from 8-16 weeks, with Sober Living available to every patient. The average stay in our Sober Living homes is around six months, depending entirely on the individual’s needs. Speak with our recovery experts to request an assessment.

4. We take a holistic approach to recovery, offering Adventure Therapy as a means to stay on track to freedom from addiction. Through our activities, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in many exciting activities while enjoying the breathtaking Florida landscape:

  • Hiking
  • Boating
  • High Ropes Course
  • Camping
  • Survival Outings
  • Games
  • And more!

Adventure Therapy is very effective in treating addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma, and eating disorders. Visit our ‘Services’ section for more information.

5. Fort Myers IOP is affordable. For patients without health coverage, an intensive outpatient rehab in Fort Myers is a cost-effective option that ensures you’ll have access to quality programs and support without spending a lot of money on treatment.

Click the ‘Admissions’ link on our homepage and browse the menu to see all of your options at Calusa Recovery. If you have questions for our recovery specialists, we’re just a phone call away at 844-254-9664. Now is the time to get help for an addiction; you can look back on this date and remember it as the day you decided to stop making excuses and get help for your addiction. We’re waiting with open arms, ready to offer you the kind of treatment that leads to long-term success. Don’t wait- call us right now.

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intensive outpatient rehab in Fort Myers

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