woman packing suitcase for rehab

Many treatment options exist for people who are ready to start the recovery process. Depending on where you live, you may be able to attend an outpatient rehabilitation program in your community, making it easier to get the treatment you need while working and tending to family obligations. Inpatient rehabilitation is also an option. Although entering a local facility can make it easier for family members to visit you, local rehab isn’t always the best choice. Read on to find out why you should consider traveling for rehab.

Learned Environments

If you’re struggling with substance use, a change in the environment can give you the opportunity to avoid bad habits and focus on recovery. Adi Jaffe, a renowned expert on addiction and recovery, explains that learned environments can contribute to negative behavior in people with substance use disorders. If it’s easy to stop at your favorite bar on the way home from work or buy drugs from a known dealer in your neighborhood, it will be more difficult to get on the road to recovery. Traveling for rehab can get you out of your learned environment and into a new environment with the tools you need to develop better coping skills.

Negative Influences

Should I travel for rehab? That’s one of the most common questions people ask when they’re ready to seek treatment. Although it’s important to have support from your family and peers, attending a local rehab keeps you close to people who may contribute to some of your negative behaviors. For example, if negative family dynamics trigger your substance use, it can make the recovery process more difficult if family members visit you frequently. Traveling for rehab makes it less likely that you’ll receive frequent visits, allowing you to avoid negative dynamics that can lead to relapse.

Cultural Considerations

If you live in a community with strong cultural influences, it can be difficult to stop using, especially if the consumption of alcohol or other substances is part of the culture. For example, some Catholic churches serve wine instead of grape juice during communion. Devout Catholics may find it difficult to stop drinking if they are forced to choose between starting the recovery process and receiving one of the most important sacraments in the Catholic faith. Some indigenous groups use ayahuasca and other substances during their ceremonies, which could make it difficult for an individual with a substance-use disorder to stop using while also participating in important cultural rites. Traveling for rehab can help you focus on your recovery instead of trying to decide if you should put your culture or your health first.

Finding Help

When you’re ready to seek treatment, you need to ask yourself an important question: Should I travel for rehab? Although local rehabilitation programs can be effective, they don’t offer the complete change of environment that is so helpful for learning new habits without dysfunctional family dynamics, cultural considerations or negative influences interfering with your progress. Calusa Recovery offers this beneficial change of environment, along with a personal case manager, access to life-skills focus groups and adventure therapy sessions. The center’s programs are designed specifically for men, creating a comfortable environment in which to address your substance use. For more information on these programs, contact us today or call 844-254-9664.