Back view of a woman lying at home on a sofa talking online with professionalUnfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak is putting thousands of people recovering from addiction at risk of relapse. Not only that, but elevated anxiety surrounding the pandemic has combined with social isolation to provide ideal conditions for a substance use disorder to develop.

If you’re worried about someone you love because of their relationship with drugs and alcohol, help is at hand. Online addiction treatment can provide a vital internet connection to professional support, including virtual group sessions and individual therapy.

Why Is Isolation a Risk Factor?

Depressed man drinking alcohol in a pubThe reason that someone develops an addiction is highly complex and varies from individual to individual. However, addiction counselors often treat clients who bottle up emotions and suffer from a lack of human connection. When people don’t speak about their problems, the issues tend to grow in size.

Addiction can perpetuate the cycle of isolation because chronic alcohol or drug use drives most people to withdraw from those closest to them.

Additionally, the economic uncertainty we’re experiencing on a global level is causing a vast outpouring of stress relating to job security. Unemployment and financial insecurity are other major risk factors for developing an addiction. Even if these outcomes haven’t happened to you, the fear that they might is enough to push some people towards finding solace in substances.

If you’re struggling with loneliness, anxiety, depression or other mental health issues during the current social distancing measures, you may feel like there’s nowhere to turn. Or, you might not want to trouble your loved ones because your feelings seem trivial compared to the global health crisis. Either way, online addiction treatment provides the lifeline you need. You can do video conferencing with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop to discuss what you’re going through with someone qualified to guide you towards recovery and happiness.

How Do Telehealth Services Work?

Telehealth theme with COVID-19 in backgroundThere isn’t a tremendous amount of difference between telehealth and an on-site outpatient program — the content of the program is exactly the same, as are the highly qualified staff who lead intensive outpatient treatment.

First, you’ll fill out an online form and speak to an admissions counselor over the phone. The next step is a video assessment, performed by a healthcare professional, to get an idea of your overall health and needs. Based on the results of this screening, the team creates an individual treatment plan composed of 12-step meetings, individual counseling sessions, family therapy, psycho-education and more.

All therapy will take place virtually, from the comfort of your own home. You won’t need to risk your health or that of the people you live with, but you’ll receive regular support and guidance from addiction treatment center experts. Group therapy gives you vital peer support, so you still have the opportunity to share your story with other people in a support group setting — and learn from their stories — while practicing social distancing.

Benefits of an Online Recovery Program

  • You can get the addiction therapy sessions you need, as well as make essential peer connections, without getting exposed to someone who may be carrying the COVID-19 virus.
  • Those who are entirely isolated are at risk of developing a drug addiction or relapsing. An online recovery program offers outpatient counseling services to those who are worried about relapse and people who have been actively using drugs and alcohol.
  • People who are shy or enjoy interacting virtually might get more out of getting help remotely than being face-to-face. The extra layer of privacy afforded by a screen may inspire you to speak more candidly and freely. Honest communication is one of the most integral aspects of addiction therapy.
  • You stay with your loved ones while getting the help you need during this uncertain time.

Online Addiction Recovery in Fort Myers, Florida

Substance abuse and alcohol addiction can develop within a few weeks if you’re susceptible to it. If you’ve been drinking more than usual or started using illicit drugs to deal with your emotions, our Fort Myers rehab team can help . Call our helpline today at 844-254-9664 to find out more about online addiction treatment program options.