outpatient drug rehab in Fort Myers

If you’re struggling with drug addiction every day, our outpatient drug rehab in Fort Myers is the perfect solution to your problems. At Calusa Recovery, we have built the ideal rehabilitation protocol designed to help you regain your freedom and embrace a healthier lifestyle. The benefits of joining our outpatient program include:

1. Effective withdrawal and relapse management

The withdrawal is the reason why most addicts can’t simply quit their addiction. In many cases, withdrawal symptoms can grow to horrific proportions, making the rehab process unbearable. At our facility, our team of IOP professionals will help you cope with the withdrawal and recover fast with long-lasting results. We offer medication management, therapy, counseling, and lifestyle support and guidance for effective and immediate recovery. With us guiding the recovery process, you won’t have to worry about relapsing anymore.

2. Promoting social behavior

Most addiction victims develop antisocial behaviors due to chemical changes in their addicted brains. Our Fort Myers intensive outpatient rehab promotes a sense of community and belonging via our group therapy sessions. Here, you will meet people in the same situation as you raging the same wars. You will learn how to help them as they help you recover and rediscover a new path in life. This way, you will become the change you want to see in others, which will make you more compassionate, responsible, and confident along the way.

3. Learn life and social skills

Our Fort Myers intensive outpatient program treatment centers offer life skills education and social development support. Quitting addiction can leave you in a vulnerable place, where your life will seem pointless and without a clear goal. We’re ready to change that. At our Fort Myers beach intensive outpatient program treatment, you will learn essential life and social skills. Our counselors will teach you career-building motivation, family life perks, becoming more socially active and confident, etc.

4. Learn long-term relapse prevention

Adopting a reliable relapse prevention protocol is essential for sustainable sobriety post-rehab. At our Fort Myers IOP, we teach relapse prevention strategies to help you remain sober post-treatment. With our counselors’ help, you will learn how to avoid social triggers, become more confident and positive, identify early relapse signs, and develop new hobbies and passions along the way.

5. Build a new life

The most challenging aspect of the recovery journey is usually rebuilding your life from the start. It’s a delicate process that may last for years to come and requires a smart and considerate approach. Our counselors’ role is to guide you through the dos and don’ts of rebuilding your future, career plans, and relationship goals. With our support, you will become a more confident, accomplished, and successful individual after rehab.

If you’re ready for our outpatient drug rehab in Fort Myers, contact our team at Calusa Recovery, and we’ll take it from there! We can discuss your insurance options and treatment perspectives and help you decide on critical life decisions. It’s up to you to fight for your freedom from addiction, and it’s our job to be there for you.

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outpatient drug rehab in Fort Myers

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