outpatient rehab in Fort Myers

If you’re looking for outpatient rehab in Fort Myers, Calusa Recovery is your ideal rehab center. Our IOP uses high-end recovery protocols to offer patients safety, peace, and reliable recovery opportunities. We’re using a different approach to the recovery treatment compared to other facilities in the business, as we resort to holistic principles as our primary rehab strategy. The things setting us apart from other centers include:

1. Unique treatment approaches

Our IOP doesn’t offer the same approach to all of our patients. We know that substance addiction affects everybody differently since every person’s circumstances are unique. This includes family environment, medical status, and history, career, social life, mental health, etc. To obtain the best and fastest results during treatment, we provide individualized approaches, including medication management, therapy, counseling sessions, individual and group meetings for guidance and sobriety planning, etc.

2. Reliable recovery

Our Fort Myers intensive outpatient rehab relies on addressing the causes of addiction, not the symptoms. We know that most addiction victims have underlying problems fueling their addictive behaviors. These could include mental issues, traumatic experiences, family, education, or career issues, and many more. Our clinicians and therapists resort to specific treatment procedures to promote healthy living and find reliable solutions to your problems.

3. In-depth treatment

To ensure complete recovery at our Fort Myers intensive outpatient program treatment centers, we leave nothing to chance. We resort to psychotherapy and counseling meetings to help you:

  • Address negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
  • Grow more positive and confident in yourself
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Learn about the signs and dangers of addiction
  • Address traumatic events that may have negatively impacted your decisions over time
  • Learn your true capabilities and potential, etc.

Our goal is to unleash your true self, helping you grow into a more responsible, confident, and mature individual moving forward. This will help you adopt improved life values and goals and achieve a more fulfilling lifestyle over the years.

4. Welcoming recovery environment

A kind word goes a long way, which is why we live by this philosophy every day. We don’t judge people for their mistakes, and we don’t blame or shame any of our clients. We aim to help you feel at home throughout the Fort Myers beach intensive outpatient program treatment for a well-rounded recovery experience. You will feel welcome and supported at our facility, allowing you to focus on healing and recovery with a clear mind and an open heart.

5. Experiential therapy

Not many Fort Myers IOP facilities offer experiential therapies at the same level we do. We believe that your state of mind and spiritual composure determine the success of the recovery process more than anything else. You will participate in kayaking, fishing, nature trips, group activities, sports events, and more for healthy and lasting recovery at our center.

Contact Calusa Recovery at 844-254-9664, and let’s discuss your situation and treatment options! Our outpatient rehab in Fort Myers offers the optimal recovery environment, providing safety, comfort, and relaxation throughout the treatment. Choose to battle addiction on your own terms, and nothing will stand in your way!

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outpatient rehab in Fort Myers

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