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Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a process that only begins in a treatment facility, as it extends into your life after rehab is complete. In fact, those with addiction typically note that recovery is a lifelong effort made by daily decisions and long recovery coaching. As such, having someone in your corner to support your efforts is paramount to your success. For many, a recovery coach is that person and is the not-so-secret weapon behind some of the most successful recovery stories. Save

Calusa Recovery is a men’s focused outpatient recovery program and our recovery coaches are helping men become the man they want to be in Lee County. So whether you’re in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Estero, Lehigh Acres, or Cape Coral, our Recovery Coaching team is ready to help you today!

What Is Recovery Coaching?

A peer recovery coach is someone who helps sustain a person in the process of recovery from addiction or substance use/abuse. This individual may also serve as a mentor or personal guide to those seeking recovery as well as those already engaged in the process. Recovery coaches receive formal training and should always be accredited by a state or national entity.

One of the more common credentials held by recovery coaches is Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS). Recovery coach training is a core part of what distinguishes peer recovery coaches from other treatment professionals. While these peer recovery coach credentials are essential, it’s important to note that the relationship between recovery coaches and clients is not a clinical one. Rather, it’s a nonclinical partnership providing a supportive foundation for recovery and wellness.

What Does Recovery Coaching Include?

Recovery coaching helps with:

  • Implementing a harm reduction model for clients
  • Determining barriers to recovery support and finding ways to navigate around them
  • Finding and even attending support group meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, that provide elements like sober coaches, addiction services and addiction treatment for those who need extra help
  • Creating individual plans that recognize the reemergence of addictive behaviors

How a Recovery Coach Can Help You Overcome Addiction

A recovery coach offers life coaching to some extent. They use peer recovery support to help you succeed. This particular method helps by giving you a partner in recovery. Your recovery coach will start by getting an account of your substance use disorder history and other addictive behaviors. They’ll also account for any traumatic events you may have experienced. Recovery coaching ensures they’ll also learn more about your mental health issues and any treatments you’ve already tried. For example, if you’re an alcoholic, they may ask what methods you’ve already tried to stop drinking.

Finally, your sober coach will ask about your recovery goals. From that point, a recovery coach will help you overcome addiction with recovery support that creates a plan to avoid relapse and sustain long-term recovery. Your sober coach will also help you cultivate communication skills so you can ask for help as needed. Coaching services will also help you overcome addiction by helping you develop your confidence and create a change plan that fits your lifestyle. Your sober coach will look beyond your substance use and addiction and help you create the life you want as you learn to accept recovery support.

Who Are Recovery Coaches?

Calusa Recovery has a staff of recovery coaches from diverse backgrounds, each with their own story relating to addiction and recovery support.

A native of Fort Myers and one of three brothers, Wilbur is one of the co-founders of Calusa Recovery and current Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He’s been working in substance abuse treatment since the early days of his own recovery and helped found Calusa after his own positive treatment experiences. He attributes successful and lasting recovery to community and the comradery developed during treatment and has focused his efforts on helping young men in particular overcome the rigors of addiction. 

Stuart also started his professional treatment journey with his personal substance use challenges. He successfully completed a program specifically for young men in California and was immediately interested in helping others achieve the same sober life he now enjoys. A Calusa co-founder, Stuart is Chief Operating Officer (COO) as well as a recovery coach. He works closely with family members as well as clients and has a personal investment in the recovery success of each Calusa client. 

Adriana is a licensed mental health counselor who’s had experience helping a family member. She is currently Calusa’s Clinical Director and employs a vast array of evidence-based practices to ensure clients are able to deal with any mental health challenges they may face on the path to recovery. 

Dr. Sansone is the resident psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, providing a variety of clinical mental health services to Calusa clients. His primary role is helping those struggling with addiction remove barriers to sobriety while facilitating self-actualization to set themselves up for success. 

Nelson is one of the primary therapists at Calusa, with more than 25 years of experience helping clients overcome addiction. He has experience with both inpatient and outpatient programs and has created a number of successful comprehensive treatment protocols for adults and adolescents alike. 

Kevin is a Client Advocate who has a passion for helping others. He’s an advocate for those facing recovery and has an abiding commitment to those struggling with substance abuse issues. 

Calusa Recovery – Men’s Outpatient Treatment in Fort Myers

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Calusa Recovery is the premier men’s drug and alcohol outpatient rehab treatment program in and around Fort Myers. We provide addiction treatment and have a comprehensive recovery program to prevent relapse once the initial phase of addiction recovery is over. Our recovery coaching team focuses on helping clients become the men they want to be, leaving behind a life of pain and addiction. We also provide support to families affected by addiction to aid in addiction recovery.

We personalize treatment plans for each individual so the approach suits their lifestyle and unique challenges. We help our clients discover within themselves the power to make this tremendous change while taking care of their mind, body and spirit. This whole-person approach is what helps our clients achieve long-term recovery success.

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