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If you are exploring options for addiction treatment and recovery in Houston, TX, we encourage you to consider contacting us. At Great Oaks Recovery Center, we offer advanced rehab care and support.

Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, Great Oaks can help support the recovery journey you are on. We offer various services and treatment plans explicitly catered to each client. Our treatments can be broken down into three areas:


At Great Oaks, our team of highly trained addiction professionals provides each client with an in-depth assessment. This assessment ensures that individuals with high risks of physical withdrawal from alcohol or other substances will be able to detox in a safe and comfortable environment. The detoxification process allows our clients to withdraw from their substance dependency in a medically-supervised and therapeutic environment. The care taken during this process ensures that the detox phase is as efficient and easy as possible.

This phase is supervised on-site by our medical team and is overseen by our medical director and clinical staff. Nurses will be available 24 hours a day to provide expert professional care and advice, safeguarding the client's well-being during their detox.

Successful detoxification ensures that the client can focus on the rest of their recovery journey, including their treatment goals, without substance dependency.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment helps clients who need a safe and structured environment to aid in their recovery process. The client resides at the facility and receives treatment round-the-clock. Our residential environment is safe and therapeutically-designed, helping our clients receive treatment focusing on their specific issues. Treatment at Great Oaks takes a holistic approach by addressing the entirety of the person, including the health of body, mind, and spirit.

Our specialized rehab facility in Houston, TX, excels at providing care during recovery. Great Oaks offers clients the tools needed to design their own recovery goals, and our treatment plans are specific to each client. Plans are created after a comprehensive psychosocial assessment by the client's primary therapist is completed.

Continuing Care Program

Your journey with Great Oaks Recovery Center doesn't end when you leave our facility. After completing our treatment program, the support we offer will continue, as we are invested in supporting and nurturing your entire recovery journey.

Our team assesses community support needs for each client, including sober living and 12-step meetings, so that our clients feel empowered upon leaving Great Oaks. Clients will always have a clear relapse prevention plan and a team of empathetic, dedicated supporters. Following successful treatment completion, all clients will have access to referrals for outside resources, including our Trac9 relapse prevention program. These services include phone calls, Recovery Renewal weekends, and access to Great Oaks alumni groups and ongoing alumni events. Once you leave the facility, our staff are only a phone call away.

Contact Us

Our team of professionals is ready to assist you in your recovery. Call us any time to speak with an admissions specialist, so that we can figure out how we can best support you.


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