The sunshine state is known for dazzling summers, crystal blue waters and its vibrant culture. With so many tourist attractions and hot spots, including Disney World, Universal Studios and Miami Beach, millions of tourists pass through every year. Unfortunately, the constant influx of people and its position as a major port of entry for Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia puts Florida at the epicenter of a burgeoning drug epidemic.

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Florida Drug Use Statistics

In 2018, Florida had the 15th highest number of drug overdose deaths in the United States. Heroin addiction and opioid addiction are of particular concern. In 2017, there were 2,126 deaths as a result of synthetic opiates such as fentanyl. This represented a staggering increase of 1,600% from 2012 when there were 162 deaths. In 2017, there were 1,272 deaths as a result of prescription opiates, such as oxycodone, up from 889 in 2014. Cocaine shows a similar trend, with 1,834 cocaine-related deaths in 2015 increasing significantly to 3,129 in 2017.

If you’ve been struggling with addiction, there are many drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida. You don’t have to suffer alone or try to hide what you’re going through, although it’s completely normal to feel shame. Getting help for a substance abuse disorder can turn your life around and get you back on track to living your dreams.

deaths as a result of synthetic opiates such as fentanyl
cocaine-related deaths in 2017

Addiction Therapy and Rehab FAQs

When you decide to change your life, you’ll go through all sorts of emotions. To help get some clarity, asking questions and doing research can help dissolve the mystery and make you feel increasingly confident about your choice. It takes a lot of courage to begin the recovery process, so you should be proud and look forward to the future.

  • How much does rehab in Florida cost?

  • Does insurance cover treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol?

  • Should I choose residential or outpatient rehab?

  • How long does addiction treatment last?

  • Is detox necessary for recovery?

  • How does the admissions process work?

  • What do I bring with me to rehab?

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Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Florida

There are a lot of options out there, but don’t be overwhelmed by the language or complicated medical definitions. The type of care you receive is mostly dependent on the substance or substances you’ve been using, how long you’ve been taking them and the quantities you’re using them in. Budget and whether you can take time out of your responsibilities also play a significant role in the treatment you receive.

Explore the best options available in the state to discover which addiction recovery combination is right for your individual situation. Calusa Recovery provides effective addiction treatment to residents in Fort Myers and our surrounding cities of:

Support Groups for Addiction in Florida

Twelve-step programs are the leading form of addiction treatment in the United States. Millions of ex-addicts can attribute their success in sustaining sobriety to AA. During these meetings, you learn to accept that you are an addict and use listening and talking to gain a deeper understanding of your condition. The group also provides an understanding and encouraging support network to give you the approval and positive reinforcement you all need from each other.

Al-Anon understands that addiction is a family illness and gives loved ones of alcoholics a space to share their experiences and listen to other people’s stories. Substance use disorders can be traumatizing for friends and family members, and these support groups can give them a space to vent and help them to move forward,

SMART stands for self-management and recovery training and allows attendees to understand the science behind addiction. You’ll gain a better understanding of what triggers you and work with the group to learn healthy coping mechanisms and enjoy a sober lifestyle.

Calusa Recovery Can Help You

Addiction is a severe disease that can disrupt every aspect of your life, but recovery is possible for everyone. For further advice about addiction treatment options in Florida, call Calusa Recovery at 844-254-9664 today.
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