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Sober House Austin TX

To overcome your addiction, you need professional assistance and a safe, comfortable environment to recover and heal. At Harmony Haus, we invite you to our sober house in Austin, TX, to join a program that will transform your life.

The difference between rehab and sober living

The rehab treatment represents the first and most critical stage in the recovery process. This is where you will get detox support, therapeutic interventions, and relapse prevention assistance. Sober living houses function differently. They are institutions where people come after completing the rehab treatment.

That’s because there is one thing that a professional rehab center can’t do too well – prepare you for social reintegration. While high-profile rehab facilities are life-saving entities, thanks to the highly effective recovery programs, they do lack in the long-term relapse prevention department. Most rehab institutions offer comprehensive educational programs, as well as lifestyle improvement tips, but this is all theoretical support.

The reality is that, once the treatment has completed, the patients will return home shortly. It is this sudden transition between the secure environment at the facility and their temptation-filled normal life that causes many patients to fail their test of sobriety.

How does a sober living house work?

Sober houses are transitional institutions that create a bridge between the rehab treatment and the free world. We know how mentally traumatic it can be for the patient to leave the safety of the inpatient rehab and return home, in an environment that will test their willpower and determination. No matter how much strategy goes into preparing you for your social reintegration, theory alone can’t achieve the optimal results.

To help ease your transition towards a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle, we have created our sober house in Austin, TX, which offers in-depth recovery programs that function as extensions to the rehab treatment. Our goals are simple:

  • Support patients in adopting a healthier lifestyle
  • Help you change your dietary habits
  • Promote introspection and honesty as parts of a detailed self-discovery process
  • Promote personal responsibility and mental strength
  • Encourage social interactions
  • Assist people in working towards achieving their life goals, etc.

How to live a drug-free life?

To answer this question, you need to rely on expert guidance. Substance addiction is a devastating mental illness with severe consequences long-term, including death. It’s progressive, incurable, and it affects everybody around you. It becomes obvious that pursuing a life of sobriety is not an easy endeavor, but we can help you. So long as you keep your hope alive and show moral strength and determination, you will always have a chance at redemption.

At our sober house in Austin, TX, we have created a recovery strategy that changes lives. With us on your side, you will learn how to take control of your thoughts, emotions, and your life in general, slowly working towards a better life for you and your family.

No matter how drastic your situation is, recovery is always possible. Contact us, at Harmony Haus, and we will prepare you for the program immediately!

Sober House Austin TX

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