Alcohol addiction can leave you feeling hopeless. To overcome alcohol abuse and turn your life in a new direction, you’ll want a recovery program that meets your specific needs. In other words, to truly start living a sober life, you need more than just alcohol detox in Fort Myers to combat alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you need an alcohol addiction treatment center that will find the right rehab program for you.

Choosing to start treatment for substance abuse may seem intimidating, but no treatment is stopping you from living a full and productive life. It can even feel as if you’re admitting weakness or defeat.

In reality, however, avoiding the help you require will only lead to further mental health issues, as you continue to pursue habits that are damaging to your health and relationships.

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Don’t Stay Under Alcohol’s Thumb

When you’re caught up in the cycle of alcoholism, you can quickly spiral out of control. Living with addiction can lead to isolation and depression, as well as lasting effects on your physical health. Under the thumb of alcohol addiction, you’re not in charge of your own life – Get the life-changing treatment you deserve, right here in Fort Myers.

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It’s tempting to think you can beat your addiction on your own. However, most of those who attempt to overcome alcohol abuse without help from a professional recovery team fail to stay sober. Outpatient therapy and/or prescription medications could be needed during the detoxification process and to decrease the probability that you’ll relapse.

At Calusa Recovery, we focus on creating a community of peers who can support each other through the recovery journey and into the aftercare process. With the direction of mental health services and medical professionals, we help you replace your unhealthy habits with ones that foster an active, healthy lifestyle free from alcohol’s influence. Treatment can be fulfilled through a variety of methods, such as medically assisted detox, cognitive behavioral therapy, family sessions, and group therapy – all right here in Fort Myers.

Calusa Recovery Treats Alcoholism Differently

Our approach to addiction treatment at Calusa Recovery is different from that of many other treatment centers. We seek to help you overcome challenges, build character, adopt new behaviors, and embrace a healthy and active lifestyle through outpatient treatment programs.

Since our program was founded on the belief that community and meaningful relationships are key to the recovery process, we focus our efforts on women and men to help them create lasting bonds with one another. Our clinicians also work individually with patients, to craft treatment plans that meet each person’s specific needs.

Additionally, we understand the importance of family and providing opportunities for healing between our patients and their loved ones. That’s why we offer family member therapy sessions to help you start rebuilding your relationships. Plus, our extended treatment program will give you the time and space you need to heal and commit to living sober.

Create Healthier Habits Through Experiential Therapy

Our alcohol rehab center and outpatient treatment programs focus on experiential or adventure therapy. This form of smart recovery and individualized treatment offers you the chance to embrace the excitement of trying new activities, while also bonding with your peers. We’re able to promote physical and mental health through many different sporting and outdoor pastimes, so you can put your old habits behind you.

Adventure Therapy Programs

While starting the recovery process is hard, preventing relapse after treatment can be just as difficult. One way we help you face this challenge is by introducing you to treatment modalities, such as the diverse plant and wildlife around Fort Myers, Florida. Group kayaking, boating, and fishing excursions are cornerstones of our experiential therapy and outpatient programs.

At Calusa Recovery, in Fort Myers, you’ll also have the unique opportunity to incorporate beach days into your treatment plan. You can relax on the shore, or practice water sports such as paddle boarding, kiteboarding, and sailing under professional instruction. Keeping your mind and body active is key to creating a healthy lifestyle that you can take with you after treatment ends. As the Spring Training grounds for the Red Sox and the Twins, Fort Myers has plenty to offer for baseball fans. We’ve also been known to take trips to see the Miami Dolphins in action.

We truly believe that addiction recovery doesn’t have to be boring. Instead, we strive to help you seek enjoyment and fulfillment away from alcohol and the destructive behaviors that have held you back.

Get the Support You Need in Our Sober Living Residences

No two recovery stories are the same. Instead of trying to get you to fit into a pre-built mold, we’re committed to finding a solution that works for you. Seeking addiction treatment may include a stay in one of our sober living homes in Florida (inpatient treatment), which offer clean and safe temporary homes where you can focus on your treatment – sometimes a better option instead of outpatient addiction treatment or intensive outpatient treatment.

Sober Living Florida

Our inpatient treatment offers structured environments that make it easier to hold yourself and your peers accountable. They also provide a space where you can practice sober living skills, without the pressure that sometimes comes with living on your own or even with family or friends.

The facilities we maintain in Fort Myers are within walking distance of grocery stores and provide easy access to the beach. no para There are both single and shared rooms available, with communal kitchen and outdoor spaces for cooking, socializing, and holding meetings. No para. In addition, our homes are ‘Level I’ Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) accredited. They’re democratically managed by the residents, who share living expenses amongst themselves.

This setup enables you to have the greatest amount of autonomy possible while you pursue alcohol treatment, and the benefits of a sober community, Alcoholics Anonymous and support group therapy. Most of our residents stay for around six months, but we’re dedicated to providing each of our patients with the time they need to form positive habits that will help them avoid relapse.

Your Alcoholism Treatment Program in Fort Myers, Florida Starts Here

Alcoholism can quickly overtake your life and leave you feeling like there’s no one you can turn to who understands what you’re going through. When you’ve been caught up in self-destructive behavior, you can lose sight of important relationships and healthy alternatives.

At Calusa Recovery, we prioritize creating communities of young men who can support one another in their journeys towards recovery from addiction. Along with our treatment options, residential facilities and experiential therapy, we believe this strategy provides our patients with the tools they need to rebuild their lives as sober individuals.

We provide effective alcoholism treatment services to the following areas Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero, Lehigh Acres, North Naples, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and across the great state of Florida.

It may feel like alcohol is in the driver’s seat, but you have the power to start your recovery process right now. Contact our treatment center to find out if our outpatient alcoholism programs are right for you!