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True Link Card


True Link Card

What Is It?

As you journey through the recovery process, you’ll come to understand addiction as the all-consuming disease that it is. You’ll also learn that there is an array of environmental and genetic reasons why substance use disorders take hold of some people while passing others by. One of the key genetic factors that contribute to someone developing the condition is an impulsive personality.

This means that you have to go to greater lengths to learn self-control and develop the skills needed to self-regulate. For those with impulsive tendencies, money can be a big problem. Abusing alcohol or abusing drugs exacerbates this issue because you lose your inhibitions when inebriated. Managing money is something you can learn, and the True Link card affords you independence while restricting you from doing anything that could harm you or your chances of healing.

How Does It Work?

When it comes to addiction, cash can be a major trigger. Credit cards aren’t much better; you can use most of them to take out money at an ATM anyway. Substance abuse disorders hijack specific pathways in the brain and make it extraordinarily difficult for you to resist cravings and urges. This is especially true during the acute stages of withdrawal. While you’re in rehab, having a prepaid card that won’t allow you to give in to temptation can be life-changing.

You or a loved one loads the card with cash and sets limits. The card doesn’t work in ATMs, and the store will decline it if you try to use it to buy alcohol. Before these types of cards were around, you would have to rely on the rehab center to make purchases for you. Alternatively, you’d have to keep every receipt and have the staff go through them daily. Autonomy and independence are key components to recovery, and a True link card helps to promote both.

The Benefits of Using True Link in Rehab

  1. Bad credit accepted: People often get into financial trouble when they’re battling with drugs and alcohol. You may have gotten to the stage where your credit rating doesn’t allow you to take out credit cards. Don’t worry; anyone can be accepted for a True Link card.
  2. Don’t worry about temptation: Often, people who relapse experience profound shame and regret, which can make recovery extremely difficult. If you minimize your ability to relapse, your chances of long-term recovery are significantly improved.
  3. No risk of debt: If you’re lucky enough not to have found yourself in debt, the True Link card won’t put you at risk of going into the red. Any money on there needs to be loaded up before being spent. Once the funds are gone, they’re gone — which can be a great way to start to learn how to make your funds last.
  4. No cash: You won’t be able to take money out from an ATM, nor will you be able to buy restricted products such as alcohol. This helps you to avoid purchasing anything that may hinder your chances of a long, healthy recovery. As time goes on, you’ll get better and better at managing your money, and your cravings will eventually subside.