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Editorial Policy

Discover more about our writing style, voice, and commitment to our readers.

At Calusa Recovery, one of Fort Myers, Florida’s leading de-addiction and mental health treatment centers, we genuinely care about you and your loved ones. Our goal is to offer reliable knowledge that helps you understand your body and make informed health decisions.

Whether you’re feeling curious or searching late at night due to fear and panic, we’re here for you. To meet your needs, we have compiled a comprehensive collection of resources:

Health Library: Explore disorders of the mind, therapies, and systems of the body in depth.

Articles & Blogs: Read articles about mental health, drugs, and addiction. Stay informed about current trends and find practical advice for leading a healthier life.

Our Voice

At Calusa Recovery, we firmly believe in the inherent value of mental health and addiction education.

When it comes to the effective treatment of addiction, we know that knowledge is power. Education not only plays a crucial role in prevention but also contributes to higher rates of sustained sobriety for those who thoroughly understand substance use and mental health disorder recovery.

The Calusa Recovery Editorial Team is dedicated to providing well-researched articles on addiction recovery, drawing from evidence-based scientific studies. Every article is fact-checked by a licensed professional before publication. More information on our editorial team and practices can be found below.

Our Commitment to Our Readers

We understand the profound impact of language on healthcare perceptions and decisions. That’s why we embrace person-centered, empathetic communication, welcoming everyone without labeling or stigma.

We aim to welcome you as you are—not defined by your health condition, disability, gender, or race. While we typically use person-first language, we recognize that some groups prefer identity-first language. We strive to honor these preferences and kindly ask you to read our content with an understanding of our positive intent.

Language is constantly evolving, and our work in this area is ongoing. We review our editorial policies annually to ensure we stay current and relevant.

Our Editorial Process

At Calusa Recovery, every article on our site is crafted by a team of professional writers, including journalists and academics. They conduct thorough research and are dedicated to presenting health information in an engaging manner. As a center committed to evidence-based medicine, we link to our research sources for transparency and debunk popular myths circulating on the internet.

Our writers either interview our healthcare providers or focus on specific research areas. In both cases, a Calusa Recovery medical expert reviews each article for medical accuracy. Following this, our proofreading team ensures the content is clear and free of errors.

Our articles are dated to reflect the latest and most accurate information, as we continually review and update our content. If you spot an error (we’re only humans), please inform us at [email protected]