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Major depression is a significant additional concern for many people affected by substance use disorders (SUDs). To make a meaningful recovery, you must get help for the symptoms of your depressive illness, as well as your SUD. Most people respond well to depression treatment. However, your symptoms may be resistant to the most common recovery options. If so, your doctor may recommend Spravato, a medication designed to combat treatment-resistant depression. Along with other forms of support, this medication can help you make significant progress toward improved mental well-being. Not all rehab facilities offer Spravato as a recovery resource. Looking for Spravato treatment in South Florida? Turn to the regional specialists at Calusa Recovery. We’re dedicated to helping you overcome depression that doesn’t respond to typical frontline treatments. That’s part of our larger goal of helping you recover from the combined effects of depression and serious drug or alcohol problems.  If you are looking for Fort Myers mental health services, contact Calusa Recovery today.

Depression and Substance Use Disorders

Depression is shorthand for the official, modern term depressive disorder. This is a category of mental health disorder that includes major depression (i.e., major depressive disorder), a severe condition common throughout the U.S. The category also includes a couple of distinct subtypes of major depression, as well as:
  • A longer-lasting but less severe illness called persistent depressive disorder
  • Psychotic depression, which adds hallucinations and/or delusional thinking to the typical mix of major depression symptoms
In addition, major depression is a main component of another mood-altering illness, bipolar I disorder. As a rule, unusually high rates of depression occur in people affected by substance use disorders. In part, this fact reflects the overall prominence of depression as a mental health concern. What’s more, depression and substance problems have several underlying risk factors in common.  Have more questions about your depression risks as a person affected by SUD? Talk to the helpful professionals at Calusa Recovery today.

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What Is Treatment-Resistant Depression?

On the whole, few mental health conditions respond as well to modern treatment as depression. This treatment typically takes one of three forms:
  • Antidepressants belonging to any of several medication categories
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy or another behavioral psychotherapy option
  • Coordinated use of medication and psychotherapy
In the best of circumstances, finding the right frontline options for depression can take time. But even when doctors try multiple options, some people continue to experience serious symptoms. The accepted term for this form of depressive illness is treatment-resistant depression. If you’re affected by it, your doctor will try other methods of depression relief. To find out more about treatment-resistant depression and the options for overcoming it, contact Calusa Recovery today.

What Is Spravato?

Spravato is a brand-name prescription nasal spray. Currently, it’s the only such medication approved in the U.S. as a potential remedy for treatment-resistant depression. The generic name for Spravato is esketamine. Pharmaceutical manufacturers make esketamine by breaking down molecules of the anesthetic ketamine

Ketamine itself has some potential benefits for depression treatment. However, it’s not approved for this use by the federal Food and Drug Administration. That’s true because it can trigger a range of significant side effects, including:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Lightheadedness
  • A confused mental state
  • Double vision
  • A general feeling of unease

Use of ketamine can also trigger rarer, more serious issues. One such issue is dissociation, i.e., a sense of lost connection with your inner reality and/or the world around you. A small number of ketamine users also experience hallucinations. These problems help explain why the medication’s side effects can mimic the symptoms of schizophrenia.

Esketamine is actually stronger than ketamine. However, it’s also safer to use. What explains this seeming contradiction? Because of its strength, esketamine can be given in substantially lower doses than ketamine. In turn, this lowered dosage translates into a lower potential for major side effects.  

How Does Spravato Work?

All antidepressants work by increasing your brain levels of certain chemicals known as neurotransmitters. However, esketamine targets different neurotransmitters than oral depression medications such as:

  • SSRIs
  • SNRIs
  • Atypical antidepressants
  • Tricyclic antidepressants

Specifically, it boosts your brain’s supply of glutamate, which plays an important role in regulating your mood. 

Want to know more about Spravato and esketamine? Get the answers you need today at Calusa Recovery.

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          The Basics of Spravato Treatment

          What happens when you undergo Spravato treatment in South Florida? First, it’s important to understand the circumstances in which the medication is used. Your doctor will only prescribe Spravato if at least two other antidepressant medications have failed to ease your depression symptoms. This restriction is in line with the common definition of treatment-resistant depression.  In addition, Spravato is not a standalone depression treatment. Instead, you take it in combination with an oral antidepressant. When you start taking the medication, you typically receive two nasal doses per week. The number of doses decreases gradually on a schedule set by your doctor. There is no set time limit for using Spravato.  You must take your doses of Spravato under direct medical supervision. Why? While esketamine has fewer side effect risks than ketamine, you may still experience significant issues. You may also feel disoriented for a couple of hours following each Spravato dose. 

          Other Uses of Spravato 

          Treatment-resistant depression is not the only reason for issuing a Spravato prescription. Your doctor may also prescribe it if your major depression symptoms include suicidal thinking or behavior. In these circumstances, the medication is usually used for shorter amounts of time.

          The Role of Spravato in Substance Abuse Treatment

          The presence of a substance use disorder seriously increases your risks for treatment-resistant depression. That’s especially true for people affected by opioid or alcohol problems. A Spravato addiction treatment center may be a vital recovery resource in these circumstances. However, rehab centers of this type are still fairly uncommon. This means that you may need to search for a high-quality facility that takes advantage of Spravato’s treatment potential.  At Calusa Recovery, we’ve added Spravato to our full slate of options for addressing depression in people with substance problems. Consult us today for more details on how we can incorporate the medication into your state-of-the-art SUD treatment plan.

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          Seek Spravato Treatment in South Florida at Calusa Recovery

          The overlap of depression and an SUD significantly increases the challenge of restoring your sense of wellness. That challenge is even greater if you’re affected by treatment-resistant depression or suicidal thoughts and behavior. Spravato is a recent medical advance that can help you overcome these issues and meet the goals of your recovery.  Calusa Recovery is your top-quality source for Spravato treatment in South Florida. With our help, you can add this powerful new medication to your customized plan for combined SUD and depression. To find out more about our Fort Myers drug and alcohol rehab center, contact us today.