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The Calusa Tribe from the sandy shores of Southwest Florida were known as ‘the fierce people’.
Here at Calusa Recovery, we will carry on their legend to live a fiercely beautiful life; to see beyond the hurt and pain and hard choices and to know that those struggles got you here. That you lived and persevered. That everything that broke you also made you. To choose passion and love and friendship. It’s choosing to see the good in all that you do. The palm within our logo represents victory, triumph, and peace within our daily lives.

We Work With Most Major Insurance

We work with most major insurance carriers which help cover up to 100% of the costs associated with treatment at our programs. To find out your personal options right now, click the button below to get a free benefits check.

* We are unable to accept Medicaid or Medicare plans at this time.

What We Offer

We offer high-quality treatment options for substance abuse & mental health at our locations. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help you begin your journey to long-term healing in recovery.

We offer drug & alcohol detox options through our vetted network of detox centers to those who need medically-supervised when seeking treatment for substance abuse.


For those needing residential inpatient treatment we provide a number of options that offer high-quality, individualized care based on your individual needs in treatment.


We offer PHP, IOP, OP and supportive housing options for those in need of extended treatment options or for those in need of flexibility when looking for addiction treatment.


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We Are Here to Help

Change your life today with a single phone call. Our caring and compassionate treatment specialists are standing by day or night ready to help you find treatment options that work best for your individual needs, whether you come to our programs or not.

The Location

The Shores of Ft. Myer

Amenities: In-Ground Pool, Semi-Private Rooms, Kitchen, Games, Client Lounge, Outpatient Cafe

The Activities

Having fun in recovery.

Activities: Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Beach Trips, Volleyball, Hiking, Fishing and more!

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