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Why is Abuse of Prescription Drugs Such a Common Problem?

Why is Abuse of Prescription Drugs Such a Common Problem?

Why is Abuse of Prescription Drugs Such a Common Problem?

Many people wonder why prescription drug abuse is such a common problem without knowing the factors that impact prescription drug abuse.

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Why is Abuse of Prescription Drugs Such a Common Problem?

The abuse of prescription drugs is a common problem for individuals across the United States because of the wide availability of medication, improper monitoring protocols, availability of similar street-level drugs, and lack of appropriate comprehensive care.

The first significant concern prescription drug concern is the availability and over-prescribing of addictive medication in the United States. Opioids and opiates are one of the most commonly prescribed medications. Because of the extensive uses of the medication, it is prescribed for everything from knee pain to post-surgery care, cancer care, and even for individuals experiencing severe diarrhea or coughing because it slows down and depresses the systems in the body. This wide variety of uses makes it available to many populations and age groups. 

The lack of proper monitoring protocols for prescribing the medication, with its quickly addicting nature, makes it even more dangerous. When an addictive medication is not correctly monitored, individuals run the risk of rapidly developing problematic use, which, if not identified, can turn into an addiction.

Additionally, prescription medications, especially opioids, often have similar street-level drugs with wide availability. This means that when an individual develops symptoms of problematic use but cannot stop (early stages of addiction), they have other options to obtain a similar state. 

Lastly, prescription drug addiction treatment is not as widely available as illegal drug addictions. Therefore, individuals addicted to prescription drugs need a more comprehensive form of care that addresses their addiction and the initial need for the prescription, especially if it is a chronic mental or physical health concern. 

Which Prescription Drugs Are Most Commonly Abused?

The most commonly abused prescription drugs are opioid narcotics, benzodiazepines, and amphetamines.

Opioid narcotics are one of the most dangerous and easily abused prescription drugs. These painkillers are prescribed for a multitude of reasons, and they are accessible to misuse because pain and need are subjective. 

Lastly, amphetamines are prescription medication that is commonly abused. Amphetamines are most commonly prescribed to individuals with ADHD. This medication is closely related to methamphetamine. It acts as a stimulant that helps to focus and concentrate an individual’s mind.

What Are the Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse?

The signs of prescription drug abuse are variable based on the type of drug being abused. However, knowing how people can abuse prescription drugs can help an individual identify red flags and concerns in loved ones. 

Individuals can abuse prescription drugs by taking too much, altering how the medication is taken, and obtaining the medication illegally. Abusing prescriptions through any of these means increases the risk of developing problematic use. 

By misusing prescriptions, individuals may experience adverse side effects relevant to their medication, attempt to obtain medication through doctor shopping or illegal means and experience social red flags that indicate significant changes in mood or personality. This can look like increased absences from school or work, changes in friend groups, and loss of interest or lack of participation in enjoyed activities.

How to Find Treatment For Prescription Drug Addiction

When it comes to prescription drug treatment, finding a facility that can cater to the client’s mental, physical, and emotional needs is essential. 

Comprehensive facilities like the resources at Calusa Recovery provide clients with start-to-finish treatment. Learn more about prescription drug rehab at Calusa Recovery by speaking with an admissions counselor today.

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