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Taking Ownership in Recovery

Taking Ownership in Recovery

One of the most crucial elements of alcohol and drug addiction recovery is the concept of taking ownership. This can’t be underestimated, and it’s not something that can be done for any man. However, when men in our alcohol rehab and outpatient drug treatment programs begin to understand what taking ownership of their addictions truly means, they begin to realize the power this concept can have within their lives.

Calusa Recovery promotes taking ownership and responsibility of your addiction, so we can address the stressors it had on you and your loved ones affected by your addiction. From personal development to individualized coaching to becoming part of a community – Calusa Recovery will enable the values of what it means to be a man and how sobriety will instill positive changes in your life.


What Does It Mean To Take Ownership?

Taking ownership means taking responsibility.

In the context of drug abuse and alcohol addiction treatment, it means taking responsibility for any and all decisions and actions that led to addiction. In many cases, men in outpatient rehab realize that they may have found a way to blame others and external circumstances for their addictions.

While outside factors and people may have played a role, a man’s own decision to begin drinking or using drugs, unless prescribed by a physician, is more than likely his own.

Along with accepting ownership of decisions and actions of the past comes taking ownership of choices in the present moment and each moment forward. Without taking ownership, a man’s problems in life remain problems, and he remains willing and able to make excuses. He remains to feel and behave as if he is a victim to circumstances outside of his control, but in assigning blame to the external, he robs himself of his own power in finding and creating solutions.

From Blame to Empowerment

Through our outpatient rehab program, we remind clients that when a man in recovery switches from placing blame to taking ownership, he takes ownership not only of his problems but of the positive change he’s capable of creating.

He realizes that he’s the one in control of his life, and he’s responsible for choosing his next step.

Will his next step be forwards or backward? Will it be conscious and made with the intention or done without thinking? What actions can he take to remove or lessen his exposure to the triggers of his addiction? What small things can he do for himself each day?

With every action he takes and every decision he makes, a man can decide ahead of time to own any and all consequences of that decision.

A man taking complete ownership of his life, decisions, thoughts, words, actions and reactions is about accepting his present reality and fully owning his true, authentic power. Taking ownership allows men to realize they do have some level of control over their lives and their power comes from within.


Become Part of a Community

At the same time, even taking ownership isn’t something men need to do alone. Our outpatient treatment programs allow men to confide in each other, support one another and find support within an environment of community, male camaraderie and trust.

Recovery Starts at Calusa

Addiction isn’t shameful – it’s a crippling disease that has roots extending from the past, in the present, and to the future. Whether is alcoholism plaguing your life, or the long-term effects of consistent drug abuse have ravished your body, mind, and spirit, Calusa Recovery will be your partner in overcoming addiction and becoming the man you want to be! Contact us today and let’s take ownership of your addiction.

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