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When someone is struggling with addiction, it affects every aspect of their life, from their physical health to their relationships. What’s important to know is that if you are looking for help for addiction to drugs and alcohol, it is available. Calusa Recovery offers a variety of treatment programs at our drug and alcohol rehab center near Naples, including outpatient rehab.

Calusa Recovery is a Fort Myers drug and alcohol rehab center that can help with quality treatment. Contact us today to learn more about how we service the Naples area.

What Is Addiction?

When someone develops an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it’s a chronic disorder characterized by ongoing drug-seeking and use behaviors, even though there are known negative consequences. Addiction is a brain disorder affecting the circuits that play a role in stress, self-control, and reward.

As with many other chronic diseases, addiction disrupts the normal functioning of one of the body’s key organs. With addiction, it’s the brain.

When someone initially uses drugs or alcohol, it’s typically a voluntary decision. Continual use, however, can impede someone’s self-control over their use. The lack of self-control is one of the key diagnostic symptoms of addiction. Research studies have shown physical changes in the brains of people with addiction. These changes affect the parts of the brain that are important to learning and memory, decision-making, judgment, and behavioral control. Researchers think these brain changes partly explain the compulsivity of addiction.

Some risk factors can raise their risk of developing an addiction. These risk factors include:

Many biological factors may be associated with an increased risk of an addiction to drugs or alcohol, including genetics. Researchers estimate that genes may account for anywhere from 40-60% of someone’s addiction risk. Having a mental health disorder puts someone at a higher risk of addiction.

Factors that relate to the environment that raise the risk for potentially developing an addiction include childhood, home and family life, and friends and peers.

When someone uses drugs or alcohol at any age, it can contribute to addiction, but research shows the earlier people start using them, the more likely serious problems will occur. This is probably because drugs can harm brains when they’re developing.

Calusa Recovery is a South Florida alcohol and drug rehab center offering options nearby if you’re searching for outpatient Naples drug treatment.

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Symptoms of Addiction

Substance use disorders are complex, and the symptoms can vary depending on the person, the substance, whether they have co-occurring psychiatric disorders, and the severity of the addiction. When someone has an addiction, it impairs how they think and their behavior. 

Sometimes, the symptoms of addiction are grouped into four categories:

  • Loss of control includes more specific symptoms like strong desires to keep using a substance and failed attempts to reduce use or stop.
  • Social issues might include not meeting obligations at school, work, or home or giving up on other activities to use substances instead.
  • Risky behaviors can include substance use in potentially dangerous situations, like while driving or continued use, even though it leads to known negative effects.
  • Drug effects, including tolerance, mean someone needs larger amounts of the substance to get the same effects or experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop using.


Calusa Recovery, available for anyone looking for nearby Naples addiction treatment, is a center that understands you are unique and you are more than your addiction. Treatment programs at our South Florida facility are geared towards each person’s holistic needs.

Treating Substance Use Disorders

As is true with other chronic diseases, effective treatments are available for substances. Because of the complexity and far-reaching effects of addiction, often holistic treatment approaches work best. A holistic treatment program addresses a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. At the same time as someone is receiving addiction treatment, it’s most effective if they’re also receiving evidence-based treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. Many people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol also have a co-occurring mental health disorder, such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. When both are treated simultaneously, it’s known as dual diagnosis treatment and can significantly improve recovery outcomes.

Treatment programs for addiction often include a combination of talk therapy, such as group and individual therapy, and medications when needed.

There are different levels of care as well. Inpatient treatment programs are the most intensive care level, and they can be a starting point for some people with severe addictions. However, many people can’t leave their home or work responsibilities or have already completed a higher level of care, so they might opt for an outpatient program. Outpatient rehab offers a sense of accountability for your recovery, but you still have the support of your treatment team at the same time.

For some people, the addiction treatment process will begin with a medically assisted detox. The withdrawal process can be physically challenging and even dangerous with some substances. Medical detox allows the opportunity to go through withdrawal in a comfortable and safe environment. From there, along with potentially beginning a residential inpatient program, there is partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, or a traditional outpatient program. For many people, there are several steps along the way in their treatment plan.

If you’re looking for a drug and alcohol rehab center near Naples, Calusa offers a continuum of care, including outpatient treatment programs.

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Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Near Naples

With outpatient treatment programs at Calusa Recovery, our goal is to integrate well-researched and evidence-based practices into treatment so that it not just helps you recover from addiction but improves your entire quality of life. Outpatient programs at our drug and alcohol rehab center near Naples help you enjoy freedom from addiction and improve your health physically and mentally. You can improve your relationships, and with outpatient rehab, begin to explore what fulfillment and personal growth and development mean to you.

Our programs pair you with a certified recovery coach who guides you through each step of your treatment and recovery and connects you with resources in the community while helping you take action in your life.

Our neuro-linguistic outpatient programs help you harness the power of your thoughts and ensure that you’re intentional about facilitating positive changes in your life.

We believe it’s absolutely possible for everyone to recover from addiction and live a self-guided life that they ultimately envision through authenticity and a sense of holistic wellness.

If you’d like to learn more about our drug and alcohol rehab center near Naples, please reach out today.