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How Do We Transform Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment In Florida?

Calusa Recovery is driving the transformation of mental health and substance abuse treatment in Florida. Through our dedication to evidence-based practices and compassionate care, we are revolutionizing the accessibility and experience of recovery for individuals.

Our extensive programs seamlessly blend the latest research and therapeutic techniques to deliver a holistic support system for individuals struggling with mental health and substance use disorders.

By focusing on individualized care and holistic therapies, Calusa Recovery is revolutionizing mental health and substance abuse treatment in Florida. This organization is committed to providing hope and healing to individuals in need, reshaping the treatment landscape.

Individualized Treatment

Our PHP program encompasses a minimum of 2-3 hours per week dedicated to individual sessions with expert outpatient counselors who possess specialized licenses. These sessions include the following components:
  • Master’s Level Clinician
  • Spiritual Advisor
  • DBT Specialist
  • Medical Director
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Individual Case Manager
  • Genetic and Vitamin
  • Deficiency Testing
  • Equine Therapy, Massage Therapy, and More

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What Are Our Multiple Pathways To Recovery?

A range of treatment paths exists for individuals seeking recovery from mental health issues and substance abuse. The selection of a recovery pathway is influenced by cultural values, socioeconomic status, psychological and behavioral needs, and the specific characteristics of the substance use disorder. Due to the personal and varied nature of these considerations, it is challenging to categorize every single type of recovery. However, there are overarching categories that encompass the diversity of recovery approaches.

Our addiction treatment facility in Florida, Calusa, takes a holistic approach to addressing drug and alcohol abuse, unlike many centers that follow a singular pathway. Clients have the freedom to explore various treatment options and choose the ones that align with their individual preferences and needs.

Our Mission is You.

Mental Health Treatment

The treatments we offer for mental health address different components of our psychological wellness, including emotional, cognitive, and behavioral aspects.

At Calusa Recovery, we provide extensive therapy in a supportive atmosphere. Our strategy incorporates holistic methods and state-of-the-art treatments like esketamine and genetic testing.

Substance Use Treatment

It is acknowledged that therapy effectiveness can vary from individual to individual.

Within our programs at Calusa Recovery, the clinical team, all of whom hold Master’s degrees, utilizes a multi-pathway approach to addiction treatment that includes cutting-edge evidence-based therapies and techniques.

Aftercare & Sober Living

After completing rehab, it is crucial to create a well-thought-out plan for sober living and rebuilding your life. This plan may involve living in sober homes, joining support groups, continuing therapy sessions, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and pursuing hobbies.

The accountability and peer support offered through our partner programs are instrumental in assisting you to rebuild your life and find inspiration for lasting recovery.

Other Resources

Calusa Recovery provides a broad spectrum of treatment services; to gain further insight, click below.

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