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On the surface, Cape Coral looks like a paradise of tranquility and easy living. Its crystal clear waters and beautiful climate attract tourists throughout the year. Plus, the city contains more than 400 miles of canals and waterways that are currently in use. As picturesque as it all is, these navigable waters and the proximity to borders make it a hot spot for drug smuggling. Unfortunately, it also means there’s a high instance of substance abuse disorders in the area requiring effective outpatient treatment services.

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Cape Coral Resources

Underage drinking, binge drinking in people of all ages and prescription opiates are of particular concern in Lee County, where Cape Coral lies. In Lee County, nearly 10% more young people on probation reported having a drug problem than those in Florida as a whole. The issue with youth drinking is highlighted by the fact 39% of young people arrested in Lee admit to having used alcohol, compared to 31% across the entire state. 

Not surprisingly, the most common substance adults are addicted to when they’re admitted to an addiction treatment center is alcohol. Although not many young men develop alcoholism, starting to drink at a young age is one of the clearest risk factors for going on to develop it later. As the second most frequently seen addiction in drug rehab centers, heroin also poses a significant problem for adults in Lee County.

  • 101 fatalities in the first half of 2018
  • 4 districts in Florida impacted by fentanyl deaths

A government study on drugs and alcohol in Lee County concluded that one major issue in the area is that male youth drinking is socially acceptable. Most underage drinkers consume alcohol that’s given to them by friends or family.

Students think their friends see drinking as acceptable and that their peers believe parents providing young people with alcohol is acceptable. Additionally, young people perceive that their friends drink more than they do. Peer pressure is a major contributing factor in the initial stages of a substance use disorder, so these findings are troubling.

Struggling with a substance abuse disorder is much harder than people realize. One of the most challenging aspects of this disease is its impact on mental health and perception. It deceives the sufferer into believing that their substance of choice is more important than anything else. This often wreaks havoc with interpersonal relationships, work, school and social activities. Additionally, it makes it difficult to realize that you have a substance abuse disorder.

If you’ve taken the massive step of starting to reach out for help, you should feel incredibly proud. You’ve just taken your first step on the road to recovery. In a men’s outpatient alcohol and drug program, you get the care, attention and understanding necessary to start working towards long-term recovery. Behavioral therapy, adventure therapy and group therapy all play vital roles in the substance abuse treatment process.  

  • Intensive Outpatient
    • If you have a chronic or moderate substance use disorder, you’ll likely be advised to start an IOP alcohol or drug treatment program. It’s ideal as a step down from residential treatment — and you can even continue living in one of our sober living homes as you recover in a suitable environment.

      During intensive outpatient alcohol rehab or drug rehab, you spend several hours each week attending meetings, learning about addiction and meeting one-on-one with your counselor. You’ll also spend time exploring the amazing Cape Coral scenery.

  • General Outpatient


Sadly, for some people, their home life makes remaining sober difficult due to the presence of triggers. You might do all of the necessary hard work during a treatment program but return to a toxic environment and feel like there’s no other way out. The people we’re surrounded by having a marked impact on how we think and how we behave.

In a sober living house, the entire environment is designed to encourage you, build your confidence and help you stay sober. You’re surrounded by people who understand substance use disorders and are working towards a better life, overseen by addiction professionals. We give you access to resources and help you to find a job or get into education, and you learn how to live harmoniously as part of the community.

Adventure therapy is a fantastic way to reconnect with nature, your peers and yourself. Substance abuse disorders are all-consuming, and many people lose touch with friends and hobbies they used to love. During therapy at Calusa Recovery’s men’s treatment facility, you rediscover how fulfilling and exhilarating the great outdoors is.

Some of the awesome adventures we’ll go on together include:

  • Boating

  • Airboat rides

  • Fishing

  • Kiteboarding

  • Ecotours

  • Relaxing on the golden beach

  • Sailing

  • Paddleboarding

  • Sporting events

  • Kayaking

  • Paintball


It appears that substance abuse disorders are on the rise in Cape Coral, with alcoholism and drug addiction statistics showing a bleak picture. You don’t need to struggle alone, though. It’s entirely treatable — the most crucial factor is your desire to succeed.

Some of the addictions Calusa Recovery can help with are:

  • Heroin

  • Alcohol

  • Opioids

  • Methamphetamine

  • Cocaine

  • Benzodiazepines

There are plenty of outpatient options available if you or someone you love has been going through the trauma of addiction. Therapy and peer support are two of the best way you can help yourself. Most of the men we see succeed in long-term recovery attend group meetings or some form of therapy for at least a year or two — if not indefinitely.


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