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If you’re struggling with addiction, there’s probably not much you feel certain about. It’s totally understandable to be worried. Substance use disorders can consume a person’s entire life and leave them in a state of hopelessness. It’s important that you understand there is always hope. No matter how long you’ve been abusing drugs or alcohol, you can get better. All you need is a strong desire for healing, help from a dedicated recovery team, and a supportive peer network.

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Lehigh Acres Resources

As part of Lee County, Lehigh Acres is experiencing rapid population growth. A major downside of this is that it seems to have caused a sharp increase in substance abuse disorders.

Some areas in Lehigh Acres are unfortunately underdeveloped, which can make the population more susceptible to behavioral health issues. For example, there are long distances to travel between home and healthy food stores. There are also zero highly rated schools in the area. The result of this is lower education levels and less healthy lifestyles, which ultimately increase the likelihood of addiction.

According to data from the Lee County government, there are also high levels of homelessness and a large number of overdoses in Lehigh Acres. Another worrying trend across the whole state of Florida is the sheer number of drug overdose deaths. In 2015, there were 2,755 recorded deaths where drug use was listed as the main cause. In December 2019, this had more than doubled to 5,526.

Methamphetamine Use Is Increasing in Florida

Methamphetamine is causing major concern across all of Florida, including in Lehigh Acres. Although meth use in the state is slightly lower than it is across the entire nation, it’s been rising rapidly since a low point in 2008. This recent rise in use is also associated with a higher rate of overdose deaths as a result. The FADAA has ascribed this to the increase in concurrent heroin use, which has gone from 5.26% in 2006-2007 to 26.3% in 2017-2018.

While statistics show the extent of harm drug abuse is causing in Lehigh Acres, there is always help available. If you’ve struggled with a very severe alcohol or opiate use disorder, you might need to attend a detox center tailored specifically to treat addiction for men before joining one of our outpatient programs. We are the next step down in structure from inpatient rehab, but we also provide accommodation.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient program is an ideal step down from residential rehab, but it’s also the first step on many people’s journey to recovery. During an IOP, you spend eight to 16 weeks attending the clinic three times a week for three hours a day. During this time, you’ll attend group therapy, family therapy and individual counseling sessions and go on awesome adventures. You can even come to IOP sessions in the evenings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

General Outpatient Rehab

General outpatient rehab is the final step before the aftercare program and maintenance phase. In a GOP, you visit the clinic once a week for two hours. You’ll attend a mixture of group sessions, family therapy, experiential therapy and individual counseling. This normally lasts for a month. However, addiction is a chronic disease and does require strict maintenance, so some people continue to attend indefinitely.

In addition to GOP and IOP services, we have two sober living homes in Fort Myers, Florida. They provide a safe and healthy environment for you to make the necessary lifestyle changes and learn the value of self-care. If your home life is fraught with triggers or the people you live with aren’t constructive, sober living can be the difference between failure and success in a recovery program.

Rediscover Florida’s Beauty

We believe that adventure therapy days out are some of the best ways to reconnect with your peers and the beautiful Florida landscape. Drug and alcohol addiction are all-consuming diseases that can render you lonely and stuck. The illness tends to steal people’s hobbies and passions from them, and adventure therapy is a great way to rediscover the joys of sober life.

Substance Abuse Disorders We Treat

At Calusa Recovery, the majority of men we treat are struggling with alcohol, prescription opiate or heroin addiction. We also treat other addictions, including:

There are plenty of outpatient alcohol and drug treatment for men options available if you or someone you love has been going through the trauma of addiction. Therapy and peer support are two of the best ways you can help yourself. Most of the people we see succeed in long-term recovery attend group meetings or some form of therapy for at least a year or two — if not indefinitely. 

Local Support Groups in Lehigh Acres

Addiction is a chronic disease, so once you’ve been through rehab, we always recommend continued aftercare. Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery are proven to be highly effective methods of continued care. Gaining confidence through sharing your story and learning to listen and understand other people’s perspectives are indispensable tools during the recovery process.

SMART Recovery is a free resource for people who are looking to continue their recovery journey. All of its methodologies are based on science, and the aim of each meeting is empowerment. It helps you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and other people as well as giving you a practical education about addiction recovery.

AA is the original addiction recovery community, and it’s been going for almost 100 years because it’s so effective. The 12-step program encourages accountability and helps you to understand addiction and the world from a new perspective. It holds meetings each week where you discuss issues in a group, overseen by a trained counselor.

As an offshoot of AA, NA helps people who are struggling with an addiction to narcotic substances. You’ll meet with the group once a week to share your story and listen to what your peers have been through.

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