At Calusa Recovery we offer Outpatient Treatment Services and Sober Living for young men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We are not just another treatment center and aim to support recovering addicts in a variety of unique ways. From day one, our therapists develop a customized treatment plan around each client’s needs. Working one-on-one with our clinicians ensures that our clients establish a meaningful relationship with our licensed clinical staff. This creates a safe space in which clients can be open, greatly contributing to their success in recovery. Our team is devoted to providing whatever it takes to help clients achieve a full mental, emotional and spiritual recovery.

Our qualified professionals provide individualized care, guiding and empowering clients to:

  • Overcome challenges
  • Build character
  • Adopt new behaviors
  • Embrace an active healthy lifestyle


At our addiction treatment center, clients will be relieved to encounter a welcoming environment with a staff who can relate. Our residents will bond with our community of young men. Brothers in recovery, they encourage each other throughout their journey. This peer-to-peer mentorship opens the door to a better life, providing a natural support system for sober living.

While much of our work takes place in our clinical office, we find that breaking out of the office offers a more relaxed environment for our clients to develop meaningful relationships. We utilize experiential therapy, also called “adventure therapy”, to show clients how much life has to offer. Experiential therapy allows us to retreat into the beautiful Florida landscape, where our young men can break down barriers and participate in new and exciting experiences with their peers.


We believe that an extended duration of treatment strengthens the likelihood of maintaining long-term sobriety. In fact, this is foundational to the Calusa Recovery approach. Our outpatient services range anywhere from 8-16 weeks, while the average length of stay in our sober living residences is around 6 months. While there’s no magic number for long term sobriety, we provide as many services as possible to help extend our clients time in a structured environment. During this time, we focus on equipping them with the tools needed to maintain recovery after treatment.