General Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Services for Men

Calusa Recovery is proud to offer outpatient and intensive outpatient services at our clinical office, which is just a short drive from our sober living homes.

Outpatient treatment is a step down in structure from full-blown residential treatment. It offers flexibility for those attempting to return to work or school. Our mens outpatient rehab in Florida has programs that range from 8-16 weeks and tend to phase down in intensity over time. Throughout outpatient treatment, each Calusa client will have a defined schedule of group and individual therapy sessions at our office. This is combined with our experiential treatment program, which provides outdoors adventures as a mode of therapy.

While in our care, clients have various housing options. We believe that a structured environment provides a greater chance of success for long term recovery, and offer sober living homes for those who are interested.

Enjoying Life in Recovery with Experiential “Adventure” Therapy

At Calusa, we are committed to getting outside and enjoying life in recovery. Throughout our program, we use what is called “Experiential Therapy.” This allows us to retreat enjoy the beautiful Florida landscape. Some examples of our favorite activities include:

Kayaking Kayaking
Paddle Boarding Paddle Boarding
Paintball Paintball

Sailing Sailing
Kite Boarding Kite Boarding
Boating Boating

Fishing Fishing
Beach Beach Days
Sporting Events Sporting Events

guy kayaking on river
man stand up paddle boarding
guy playing paint ball
sailboat during sunset
guy fishing in the ocean
beautiful sunset looking out over the ocean

Family Services

We offer family therapy sessions to include parents, spouses, siblings and children in the recovery process. Continuous family work is necessary for establishing healthy boundaries, as well as protecting and strengthening the long-lasting relationships and support systems that are so essential for addiction recovery success. Our goal is always to heal the loved ones who are suffering along with the client. Family calls and therapy are recommended and encouraged. As an extended care provider, we understand the value in open communication with the client’s support system.